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After being launched successfully into orbit on April 19th, 2008, VINASAT-1 has been in stable operation with a good targeted quality and being highly apreciated by domestic and foreign customers. New services and applications provided to rural and suburban areas, islands, drilling rigs.. via VINASAT-1 includes television programme, telephone, data communications, Internet access...

VINASAT-1 has a great social meaning, taking part in promoting ecomomic development in rural and remote areas, and ensuring national security, because using cables in such places raises much higher cost and brings about lower capacity compared to the satellite`s. Especially, many telecom, televisions services such as tele health care, distance education, mobile television ... are provided via Vinasat-1. Vinasat-1 is a telecom bridge between Vietnam and other countries in the region, takes Vietnam Telecom to new heights, at the same time Vinasat-1 acts as a part in affirming the role and status of Vietnam telecom in international telecom market. It also helps mountainous and remote people access to telecom services.

30% of Vinasat-1`s capacity has been used up

Vinasat-1 has been operating for 6 months since it was launched. At present, it is operated and monitored in 24/24 hours by Vietnamese and foreign experts in Que Duong and Binh Duong control centers. According to Vietnam Telecom International (VTI) under VNPT, Vinasat-1 is currently used by many domestic customers, such as Central and Local Television and Radio Stations, petroleum enterprises, telecom operators, ministrial agencies, industries... and foreign customers from Thailand, Singapore, Laos... Now, about 30% of Vinasat-1`s capacity is in used for commercial targets and service experiment.

The leading aim of VNPT is to run well its business and effective exploitation of Vinasat-1, together with the country`s benefit relating to political, social, national security uses. VTI has cooperated with Vietnam Television Station to transmit the channels of VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, VTV4 to all corners of the country and some countries in Asia - Pacific areas. On the other hand, VTI has been transmitted all channels which used foreign satellites to VinaSat-1.

Vietnam Television Station is using a haft of C-Band transponders, Hochiminh city Television Station is using 2 Ku-Band transponders and Modec Management service Pte Ltd is using C-Band for communications between petrol exploiting vessels in Vietnam waters. Besides, VTI signed some MoU of using satellite capacity with Vietnam Multimedia Cooperation (VTC), Viettel, Binh Duong Television, Voice of Vietnam (VoV), Voice of Hochiminh City (VoH), GTel, and worked with some ministries such as Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Foreign Affairs..

In the coming time, VNPT will promote Vinasat-1 business work nationwide and abroad to pay back invested capital. As planned, Vinasat-1 will be operated at full capacity within 3 years.

Providing coverage to international market

Vinasat-1 can provide coverage not only to South Asia but also to other big market, such as India, Japan, Korea.., even Hawaii of America. In order to get highest business effect, VTI is now negotiating with foreign partners, and getting education contract with SES ASTRA (Luxembourg), MoU of satellite capacity exchange with ABS (HongKong), MoU of agency with Universal Telecom Services (America), and in the process of negotiating cooperation with Protostar (Singapore), Thaicom, and some Indonesian and Indian partners.
According to VTI, the policies of satellite service tariff of international operators are very flexible, based on customers` demand for service scale, service period and technique. Vinasat-1 service charge will base on each market situation, and be very flexible, competitive.

Vietnam will launch Vinasat-2

According to the measurement of the National Steering Board of Vinasat Project, almost real parameters exceed the design standards, for example, life-time is 25,9 years (demand of 20 years), reliability is 0,84 (demand of 0,78), 23 good operating transponders (demand of 20 transponders). These, and advandtage technique and large coverage are VNPT`s advantages.
The investment for satellite production and the first satellite`s infrastructure is very high, so the Government`s help and customers`cooperations are needed to return its investment, reinvest in new projects.
Vinasat-2 project depends on the market, society demand, and Vinasat-1`s business. If Vinasat -1`s business is good and market demand is high, Vinasat-2 will be launched in coming 4 or 5 years./.