I. Definition:

Letter Post:
"Letter-post" is a generic term that encompasses all of the classes of mail that were formerly categorized as LC (Letters and Cards) and AO (Other Articles). This includes letters and letter packages, postcards and postal cards, aerogrammes, printed matter, matter for the blind and small packets.

Letter: Any mailable matter containing private information between the sender and addressee. They are covered in envelopes and the secret is guaranteed by Constitution.
Maximum weigh 2kg not including goods.
Sender, addressee may be an organization or individuals.

Printed matter : Contents are sheets of directory, advertising or editorial matter, such as catalogs or phone books.
Maximum weigh 5kg.

Matter for the blind: Certain categories of uncovered mail matter, such as items impressed in Braille.
Maximum weigh 7kg.

Small packets: Private small packet containing merchandise.
Maximum weigh 2kg.

M-bag: Direct Sacks of Printed Matter to a Single Addressee. Maximum weigh 30kg/bag.
Size Limits of Letter Post: (Except Postcards and Aerogrammes)
Maximum length + height + thickness =< 900mm (Maximum dimension Ê 600mm +_ 2mm).

Minimum size: Minimum length and height>= 90mm x 140mm , +_ 2mm

Postcards : Maximum length and height 120mmx235mm , +_ 2mm . Minimum length and height 90mm x 140mm +_ 2mm .

Size Limits of Aộrogamme: Maximum length and height 110mm x 220mm +_ 2mm .

Minimum length and height : same as Postcards

Parcel Post
Parcel Post is designed to accommodate larger and heavier shipments whose size and/or weight exceed the established limitations for letter-post items.

Bulky Parcel Post Packets:
Parcel which has unusual shape that can not be arranged with others or need special care. Maximum surcharge is not exceed 50%.

Weight: Maximum weight for domestic parcels: 31,5kg and up to 50 kg with items that cannot be split. Maximum weight for international parcels: 31,5kg. Some countries have larger size limits. Consult your local Post Office facility for the size limits that apply to the country to which you are mailing.

Size limits: (including Bulky Parcel Post Packet)
Maximum length 1,5m or Ê 3m Maximum length + girth combined . Minimum length and width 90mm x 140mm (+ - 2mm)
Global Letter and Parcel Post provide convenient ways to ship items everywhere in the world.

Special services:

Airmail: basic postage + Airmail postage.

Registered Mail: Registry service provides security and limited indemnity protection for all types of letter-post items except for M-bags

Certificate of mailing (A-parcels): A Certificate of Mailing is a receipt that provides evidence of the date that your mail was presented to the Postal Service for mailing. It can only be purchased at the time of mailing.

Express Mail service (Express): Express Mail is our fastest service for time-sensitive letters, documents or merchandise; Delivery to most addresses inside the PO urban delivery area including PO Boxes and military addresses.
Note EMS is not available with Poste restante parcels.

Confirmation of Delivery ( Avis de Reception AR ): Choose Return Receipt when you want proof of delivery (information about the recipient`s signature and actual delivery address). A return receipt must be purchased before the mailing.

Signature confirmation ( A Main Propre ): Signature Confirmation gives you an added level of security by requiring a signature from the person who accepts your package.

If you`re sending something important, you may want to be sure that it reaches not just the right address, but the right hands as well. With Signature Confirmation, you can get confirmation of delivery - including date, time and location - and you can request a proof of delivery letter faxed or mailed to you with a copy of the recipient`s signature.

Poste Retante : On-demand service applied to all kinds of postal parcels.
Door- to-door service;
Delivery on demand of the sender or the addresses: not available with parcels and packets <Ê 500gr.

Rates and fees
These tariffs have been amended in accordance with Decision of VNPT.

Redelivery service:
Have your mail redelivered to your address or held at the Post Office for pick up.
The parcels still in the Original PO: If the stamp is cancelled; no fee is required. If the stamp isn`t cancelled; the sender has to pay some fee due to current regulation of VNPT.
The parcels are on the way: The sender makes a request in writing and has to pay some fee due to current regulation of VNPT.

Inquiries must be initiated within 6 months from the day following the date of mailing. (3 months more for the military senders to remote islands or frontier).

In principle, VNPT will Compensate(in VNĐ) for Loss or Damage caused by VNPT .
Compensation is in VNĐ.
Compensation payment is made to the mailer or legal representative. If the recipient accept the damaged article then he has the right to receive the compensation.
Inbound and outbound parcels are compensated according to UPU regulation.
Compensation is made in accordance with weight level.
Compensation isn`t available in the following cases:
When an item cannot be accounted for due to the destruction of service records by Force majeure.
When loss, rifling, or damage has been caused by the fault or negligence of the sender.
For damage that results from the characteristics of the contents due to its nature.
For an item seized by customs or any other government agency.
Ordinary Parcels.
Outbound Parcels:
Some countries maintain the right not to pay indemnity for destructed ordinary parcels: Australia; Angola; Canada; Dominica; England; Northern Ireland; Philippines; USA; Bangladesh; Brunei; Grenada; Solomon Islands; Zambia; Zimbabwe... (Pursuant to the latest protocol, terms XIX and XXIV, page 210 - UPU Conventions).
The USA maintains the right to compensate for registered and value-declare parcels as ordinary ones and not compensate for any damages inside the country`s scope of service.